Payroll employee

Payroll employee, what does this mean?

Payroll is a service in which the company you work for outsources the administrative actions. Working through POSD implies that POSD, as your employer, provides an employment agreement for you as their employee, with all of the agreements relating to your salary and working conditions in accordance to the collective working agreement (“CAO”). This means that you perform your daily tasks as an employee for our client, but we pay you your salary. Furthermore POSD will arrange your pension, sick pay, and answer all questions regarding salaries, collective agreement, employment contract or payslip you may have.

What POSD needs from you

When POSD receives your registration form, with a valid copy of your passport or ID card, you will be registered in our system and you will receive a contract (employment agreement) by email.
We can only proceed to the payment of your salary if the data you have provided is complete, which includes an employment agreement signed by you, and on record at POSD.


As our employee, we guarantee the payment of your salary, as do we guarantee the payment of holiday pay, vacation days, and pension contributions, which are properly regulated. Your salary specifications are always available to you digitally, and you can request them through You can also call us at 043-750 2608 with any questions you might have.