Payroll client

Payroll client, what does this mean?

As a customer of POSD we see you as the payroll client, and we assume an executive and supervisory role as far as hiring employees is concerned, which makes us the employer of the employees. Contact us for an appointment with POSD, which has no strings attached, in which we analyse your specific case. If you were to take interest in our offer we would more than gladly help you in filling out the required paperwork. Afterwards, we shall come to an agreement as to which day the service provided shall be implemented.

What does POSD do exactly?

At the moment you make an appointment with POSD, we will try to take the work out of your hands and unburden you as much as possible, so you have time to do what you do best: doing business.
POSD will contact the staff to inform them of the outsourcing procedure, providing them with application forms, registration with the tax authorities and informing them of their employment agreement (contract). After all this is settled, pay slips are created, and all payments, taxes and pension funds, will be handled by POSD, including of course, the payment of the net salaries to the employees.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email to: You can also personally contact us by phone 043-750 2608.