payrollPayroll:  The new flexible working

Payrolling provides flexibility within your workforce. This service is relaxing, time saving, and redistributes risks. In the workplace and within your company however, nothing will change, your daily management and procedure remain absolutely the same. You can continue to recruit and choose your employees, and you will continue to determine the working hours, the schedule, the salary and working conditions.

POSD becomes the legal employer of your employees. All you need to do is, hand in the hours worked by your staff, POSD takes it from there on. This allows you to engage in your real passion; doing business.

Moreover, all administrative actions, such as providing employment agreements, wage payments and disability insurance, the annual statements, dismissal procedures, and the processing of collective agreements and legislative changes to the service provided by POSD, will be taken care of by POSD. Even pensions, insurance and contract management will be managed and cared for by us. A good example are all of the dealings with the Tax Administration and the Institute for Employee Insurance (UWV – Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen). This saves you a lot of time whilst resting assured that the services you have hired are handled in a professional manner.

Benefits of Payroll

The main reason why entrepreneurs choose to use payroll, is that you have more time for business. Other major benefits of this service include:
Transparency and insight into the personnel costs of your business, as not faced with any surprises; You only pay for the hours worked (in case of illness or holidays you pay nothing); No administrative obligations (no more salary and contract administration) Save on personnel costs, where everything is reduced to a single supplier invoice; You do not need expensive insurances covering “absence through illness”; Also we offer our vast expertise in the field of personnel administration and regulation.
These are just some of the many benefits we can offer!

Why choose POSD to handle your Payroll

The market positions of companies, as well as job security, are highly dependent on the labour market. And because we respond to the changes in the labour market with high levels of flexible employment, POSD distinguishes itself from other payroll providers. As our client, you can always outsource recruitment and selection to us, POSD is at your service. We just want to make things the easyest for you. Also, our rates are very attractive which will generate cost savings.

One of the major advantages for employees, is that they can turn to POSD with their daily questions about their collective bargaining agreement (CBA), working conditions, and salary slips. Firthermore, employees always get paid on time and appropriately. Seeing how POSD is working with your staff on a daily bases, we guarantee a tailored and personalised service, where no person, employer or employee, is treated as a number.

We would gladly tell you more about the benefits payroll can provide for you. Please feel free to contact POSD Personnel management and allows us to calculate the amount of your cost savings.