Outplacement / Reintegration Phase II

outplacementOutplacement / Reintegration Phase II; a new perspective for workers

Changes in the workforce may occur within your organization, or you may sense people working for you do not agree with the future you have in mind for the company. It is even possible that your workers are no longer allowed to work in your organization, pending a labour investigation.

Even then, we can provide you with a customized service, through a reintegration phase II (search for a position with another employer). In such cases, the best outcome would be outplacement provided by POSD. In a professional manner, we will guide the employee to a new job destination. The request for outplacement is mostly instigated by the employer, who usually assumes (part of) the costs involved. POSD offers a professional service at competitive rates.

How does POSD proceed?

Through coaching and training POSD specifically supports the career change of the employee, which is vital to outplacement. We look at personality, needs and talents. Under guidance, the employee bridges the gap between him and, the new function for another employer, a job in a different industry, or the start of their own business. A major advantage of outplacement, is the fact that the chances of finding a new job, and the timeline in which this happens, increases significantly when done under professional supervision by POSD.

Why choose outplacement POSD?

We prefer a personal approach, and have much experience in this field in various sectors and industries, which makes it possible for POSD to offer this service to a variety of companies at competitive rates.
Are you interested in outplacement/reintegration phase II? Do not hesitate, and feel free to contact us for more information. Also, if you have questions about other services we provide, we are always happy to help.