SalarisadministratieWhat does payrolling imply?

As a businessman in the Netherlands, you are required by law to keep payroll records. You can outsource this process to POSD, and save a lot of time. If you were to hire POSD for this service, you can be assured monthly salary administration is handled on time.

Furthermore, we ensure the timely and correct submittance of your wage/payroll tax to the authorities. We also ensure everyone gets that to which yhey are entitled. It happens to be so, there are modifications in the tax system and your collective agreement regularly. POSD advises you about the terms of these changes in salary and payroll taxes. Outsourcing to POSD payroll saves you a lot of time and energy at attractive rates.

How does POSD proceed?

During this process, you can count on the personal guidance of one of our employees payroll specialists. With three steps you can easily and quickly use our service payroll:
Step 1: You provide us with your business information;
Step 2: You provide us with the data of your employees (general information and payroll data);
Step 3: You provide the salary records of your employees (if you hire us once the year has already started).

What is the difference between salary administration and payrolling?

The difference between salary administration and payrolling, is that you continue to be the legal employer when hiring a salary administration service. In turn, when choosing payrolling, POSD is legally the employer of your employees, which means we take responsibility for the labor law risks. As mentioned before, this is not the case with salary administration services. If you want to limit your potential risk, it is advisable to opt for payroll and not salary administration.

Why choose POSD to provide you with payroll services?

If you outsource payroll to POSD, you are assured of fast and accurate processing. All matters regarding your employee management will be handled, which in turn saves time for you. In addition to our expertise, we offer this service at very competitive rates. And POSD is always at your service if you have questions.

Interested in the payroll department of POSD? Please contact us for an appointment.