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DetacherenDetachment: combining flexible labour and security

Detachment is hiring staff through POSD. We advertise for, and find a suitable candidate for your company, and hire him/her for a fixed or longer period.

This service combines the advantages of flexible staffing and the security of a permanent occupation for a particular contract. If you choose this service, you are the customer, and the employee is a service we provide. Should you have already found the suitable candidate yourself, you can detach the employee via POSD. Formally POSD would be the employer of the employee.

Detachment Benefits

A big advantage is that in addition to saving you the red tape, POSD bears all of the risks of the employer, such as sick pay. Because of the vast amount of contacts POSD maintains with all of their clients, employees can be redistributed through other companies, should your personnel needs decline. POSD finds a new job and a new challenge for the employee.

Another benefit of detaching is that you can hire highly skilled personnel easily and swiftly. POSD finds the suitable candidate or candidates, whom we submit to an in-depth intake-interview. POSD supplies skilled labour to meet all your requirements. These employees already possess a specific knowledge, experience and know-how, because they have often gained this in other companies.

The biggest advantage of detachment is that people are only temporarily bound to you. If the economy deteriorates or if you are in a tight spot financially, you do not have to lay people off. Furthermore, there is a refreshing effect to your company and workforce if there are new people in a company on a regular basis. They come up with new innovative ideas. Mixing different types of workers in your company, for some time, is ideal to achieve this.

Why choose detachment from POSD?

POSD has a broad network that works in your favour when it comes to detachment. We know where to find qualified professionals swiftly. Furthermore, we can work with more competitive rates than other companies.

Do you want more information about payroll, staffing or recruitment? Please feel free to contact one of our employees.

Subscribe to Payroll POSD

Below you will find the payroll enrolment forms, choose the right form, fill it out, and remember the Attachments.
Click here for the payroll form for on-call workers and students.

Are you going to work at a steady job with one of our POSD clients, click here for the payroll form for regular employees.
Need help in completing the forms properly, or any other question you may have, please feel free to phone us at 043-750 2608 or send an email to info@posd.nl

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